LIBERATE: Inspired Imagination:

Do Different: Individual and team success stories propel the organization on a systemic platform to do different: Experience is the real trust builder. Experience of failed efforts generates negative response to the latest flavor of the month initiative. Trust is essential for core customers to utilize reconnected relationships to deliver on the KPI of student success rate. Small wins are critical to gain core customer trust in the Global One strategy. Acclaim series of services deliver on the small wins through pilot programs to establish trust and confidence in redesigned relationships to reinforce one fact: Core customers have the freedom to succeed utilizing the Acclaim series of services. 

Providing that systemic platform to support redirected relationships is the technology with vision, mission & purpose of a value centric organization: Common platform and common strategy is designed around ‘Global One’ strategy. Systemic platform defines the measuring indicators (KPI) and establishes core customer’s accountability to deliver on the KPI as a mutually dependent function. Value or profit derived from this systemic platform is the singular focus of the Acclaim 1.0 Education series: Student Success Rate & Acclaim 2.0 Career series: Employee Success Rate. 

Innovative imagination is the catalyst that drives the entire organization to progress relentlessly on the pathway to success: Core customer success is the success of the organization. Students, Staff and Family success stories build the pathway to deliver on Student Success Rate as a cumulative/coordinated effort.