About Us

ACCESS Ecosystem prepares individuals, families and institutions for:

  • Relentless technology integration accelerates competitive environment, increasing accountability & operational costs, decelerating funding (for not-for-profits) or margins (for-profits) contributing to uncertainty and ambiguity in institutional effectiveness& individual careersas traditional timelines and career pathways are replaced by dynamic models.
  • 21st Century skill-set essential to create value is the unique, individual capability to adapt to a rapidly changing educational and career expectations to deliver a sustainable value in a job, career or business. We go back to the wisdom of Einstein (“The significant problems we have cannot be solved with the same level of thinking we were using when we created them”) to carve out a path that is individualistic and aligned, focused andvalue driven.

ACCESS Ecosystem aligns Thinking, Doing & Technology with purpose:

  • Think Different: Systemic change is not possible with symptom management. Relationship re-connection in a domain directs strategic energies to provide system support to individualperformance to deliver on key expectations and/or outcomes. Innovative relationship management skill to support systemic change is the start of ‘think different’ pathway.
  • Do Different: Individual and team successes propel the organization on a systemic platform to do different consistently. Providing that systemic technology platform to support rearranged relationships is the pathway for a 21st Century organization to deliver on its mission and vision.
  • Technology with Purpose: Framing of systems and processes with integrated& aligned values is the ACCESS Ecosystem design to achieve individual growth and organization/domain success. Education, Career, Health & Community Servicers are the target domains for relationship alignment by the ACCESS Ecosystem.

ACCESS Ecosystem Deliverable:

  • Strengthen the skill of learning new skills with critical thinking, analytical thinking & independent thinking capabilities to leverage and succeed in 21st Century skilled workforce careers.


ACCESS Ecosystem Tool Set:

  • 1. ACCESS ICE : Intrinsic Career Engagement 6th to 12 Grade students & parents.
    2. ACCESS Success : College Readiness for 6th to 12 Grade students, counselors, parents.
    3. ACCESS Collaboration : Promotes community-wide collaboration in a digital environment.
    4. ACCESS Registration : Cloud based student registration system designed to demonstrate technology capabilities & engage parents.
    5. ACCESS Gateway : Single point access for 21st Century workforce & Smart City Gateway.

Mission & Vision:

  • Vision: Position students, employees and communities to be in the driver’s seat with a proactive ability to leverage 21st Century opportunities.
  • Mission: Connecting intrinsic abilities of students to meaningful courses aligned with career opportunities,ACCESS Ecosystem strengthens community members to succeed in 21st Century opportunities in education, health, career & community service domains

INNOVATE: Redesign Relationships:

  • Innovate: Redesign Relationships - Think Different!
    Systemic change is not possible with symptom management: Problem driven management equals symptom treatment in healthcare. Increasing school drop-out rates, poor attendance are symptoms of system failure indicators rather than individual teacher, program or school issues. Problem driven management reacts by requests for increased funding for HR and program resources. Technology in terms of gadgets, workstations and laptops are symbolic representations for increasing access and technology incorporation into a school environment.  

    Relationship re-connection in a domain directs strategic energies to provide system support to key performance indicator (KPI) of core customers: Relationship reconnection results in (a) identification of core customers (b) establishing key performance indicators and (c) establishing cause and effect relationship within the system. 

    Core Customers for a school system includes students, teachers and families. KPI for all the core customers combined: Student Success Rate. Cause and effect for KPI improvement reconstructed with elimination of student, teacher and family specific ‘silos of excellence’ that have contributed to entrenched issues including drop-out rates, poor attendance, lack of family involvement and accounting for staff contributions. 

    Innovative rearrangement of relationships to support systemic change is the start of ‘think different’ pathway: How do we make it easy for the students, staff and families to focus on one single KPI: Student Success Rate? Establishing a ‘Global One’ strategy for the entire school district is the process by which pain points are identified & reconnected to deliver the beginnings of a systemic strategy to do different.

LIBERATE: Inspired Imagination:

  • Do Different: Individual and team success stories propel the organization on a systemic platform to do different: Experience is the real trust builder. Experience of failed efforts generates negative response to the latest flavor of the month initiative. Trust is essential for core customers to utilize reconnected relationships to deliver on the KPI of student success rate. Small wins are critical to gain core customer trust in the Global One strategy. Acclaim series of services deliver on the small wins through pilot programs to establish trust and confidence in redesigned relationships to reinforce one fact: Core customers have the freedom to succeed utilizing the Acclaim series of services. 

    Providing that systemic platform to support redirected relationships is the technology with vision, mission & purpose of a value centric organization: Common platform and common strategy is designed around ‘Global One’ strategy. Systemic platform defines the measuring indicators (KPI) and establishes core customer’s accountability to deliver on the KPI as a mutually dependent function. Value or profit derived from this systemic platform is the singular focus of the Acclaim 1.0 Education series: Student Success Rate & Acclaim 2.0 Career series: Employee Success Rate. 

    Innovative imagination is the catalyst that drives the entire organization to progress relentlessly on the pathway to success: Core customer success is the success of the organization. Students, Staff and Family success stories build the pathway to deliver on Student Success Rate as a cumulative/coordinated effort.

SUCCEED: Freedom to succeed

  • Technology with Purpose: Think different, do different. Let success move the team in the right direction on a common language made possible by an assertive leadership – Leadership is not the exclusive domain of senior management. Leadership starts with individual leaders managing their individual values, time, skill sets to deliver on KPI. Every leader (individual) has to be assertive in optimizing time and resource value in a Global One strategy. 

    Framing of Systems and processes with integrated values is the technology pathway to achieve individual growth and organization/domain success: Defining the redesigned relationship on a technology platform, connecting resources to results to define optimal efficiencies provides the capability to design systems and process that deliver ‘customized KPI’ and ‘customized services’ at the individual level. 

    Freedom to succeed is everyone’s right! Core customer’s success will be an earned success. They will utilize innovate utilizing redesigned relationships, Liberate their strengths with inspired imagination and will succeed in delivering on the KPI. This is an earned success, establishing the trust and confidence to sustain on the pathway to systemic change. 

    That is our purpose. Health & Education are the target domains for relationship rearrangement by the Star Tech Group. Our product and service genetic code is designed to liberate the innovative spirit in all of us to succeed! Join us on this exciting journey.