Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs.

Helping students succeed in 21st Century careers!

21st Century is welcoming the Millennials to careers and jobs that require higher level of education and an ability to make an impact quickly. ACCESS Career builds on the foundation laid by ACCESS Education and ACCESS Health. Student specific career interest identified as early as in middle school or later is nurtured and continues uninterrupted onto college. The clarity of thought that is essential for each student to succeed in the 21st Century careers narrows down to two essential areas:

  • Critical thinking and analytical approach in designing, developing and delivering a value proposition to the employer that is measurable and valuable from customer of the company perspective.
  • Domain knowledge has to be fundamentally sound, with a clear understanding on being a valuable, contributing employee in an organization.

ACCESS Career ecosystem connects students, parents and teachers to a support system of counselors, tutors and mentors with a student specific focus on building individual strength and providing guidance to overcome challenges in subjects that are critical for student success. ACCESS Career focus is to identify student's passion and intrinsic skills, connect them to a support system through K-12 and College leading to student graduation and joining their first job locally or regionally.

Our partners in ACCESS Career initiative include the local college, chamber of commerce and healthcare community to support Phase I focus on "Life Sciences and Health Careers".


Connecting the district and college to the local chamber of commerce is the foundation that links students in the district and college to real world careers and business opportunities.

Chamber of Commerce members including local and regional business managers share skills required to work in the local and/or regional opportunities. Connecting these relationships, ACCESS Entrepreneur facilitates a real world learning environment for students to focus and gain confidence in their own abilities. For potential entrepreneurs, this model provides significant opportunity to test out the real world response to their solutions.

Mobile and cloud centric social tools are the most visible business models from a student's perspective. Business models that either leverage technology or business experience of an entrepreneur in the region provides significant opportunities for the students to learn & test their hypothesis giving them confidence and experience.

Project based learning has gained significant traction with emphasis on skill development for students focused on Associates degree in order to enter the workforce asap. ACCESS Entrepreneur is designed to tap into the hands-on skills and natural aptitude of the student. This model not only strengthens student's self confidence and analytical approach to problems.

ACCESS Entrepreneur is the final and fourth leg of the ACCESS Platform. ACCESS Entrepreneur is designed to promote quick and ease of transitions across boundaries to support inherent passion of the entrepreneur to take on the system, after Hermes, Olympian god for commerce and business.