Community Services

Community Services form a integral safety net blanket in every community in the form of not-for-profit organizations that serve the neediest families and individuals. 21st Century technology impact on this sector has been the social sites simplified the process of giving and sharing into a national and international experience. One big shortfall of this model is that the local organizations that are rooted within the city and country boundaries are relentlessly excluded from connectivity circle of social media that tends to pull the donors and givers into the national efforts. ACCESS Community services model is designed to make the 21st Century technology work to strengthen the local and regional community services with two elegant technology solutions: ACCESS ICE (Intrinsic Career Engagement) solution that supports, directs and strengthens students & individuals in the community to identify their individual intrinsic skills and connecting them to the community service model that is serving the city or county locally

ACCESS Collaboration platform takes the connection of the ACCESS ICE into a practical way for individual and community service organizations to collaborate within four well defined domains i.e. Education, Health, Career & Community Services. ACCESS ICE and Collaboration platforms mission is to provide a 21st Century connectivity and relevance to the younger generation intent on making a difference. Join our journey to make our effort to be your strength to make a lasting difference in your community.