Knowledge based workforce is critical for individual success in a technology driven business and career models that have penetrated all aspects of work environments. High school graduation with a skill or a college degree with mastery of a domain is the new minimum for a reliable career start. Chronic problems in high school graduation rates & college success have become significant barriers for a high percentage of students, schools and colleges.

Students & careers of the 21st Century are rooted in an 18th century education model in the K12 sector in majority of the school districts. Cutting edge software and sophisticated hardware has transformed mobiles to be the fulcrum of social life for the Millennials. Inability of the K12 sector to connect to the intrinsic expectations of the students & their families is contributing to an increasing number of students unable to graduate high school and/or without the ability to go to college.

Until recently, parents had the luxury as children to be a part of a much slower paced world, where families celebrated many small achievements, gaining confidence & strength to step up to the next level. The world of today is moving, changing, connecting, and reconnecting at a much more rapid pace. In the era of mobile & social media dominated relationships, Star Tech’s mission is to leverage technology to serve a purpose. That purpose is to reinforce the positive, build on small successes, and eliminate barriers between the teachers, parents, and students making it easy for them to work with each other.

Star Tech’s vision for ACCESS Education is to place cutting edge digital technology in the hands of families to celebrate their children’s success instantly, wherever they are. On their mobiles, IPads or computers … on any screen! District Superintendents, Principals, and Teachers cherish every student’s success like any parent. In the world of today, time is a very precious commodity and we don’t celebrate our students’ successes often enough. ACCESS Education helps us to do that. ACCESS Education is a solution that automatically recognizes & communicates to parent’s student achievements in every quiz, home work assignment, and test. Teachers can provide feedback directly to the parent’s mobiles. Parents can access school calendars & many additional relevant functions. Welcome to a new era where technology serves a purpose of positive reinforcement, encouragement, and making it easy for parents & teachers to communicate directly with each other.

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ACCESS Education is guided by Apollo, the Olympian god of light, music, poetry, knowledge, and the sun.